What we do??

The Cake


All of our Cake is made from lovely ingredients, whole butter, farm fresh eggs, and delicious curds and jams..and as we bake in individual layers you will always have at least 2 layers of yummy filling to keep your cake moist and full of taste...guests will think it looks great, and tastes lovely too!


We always suggest coming in to talk about the wedding cake and we hold no obligation consultations between 10-8pm most weekdays and on weekends by arrangment in our Newport Kitchen. In North Somerset we meet you over coffee daytimes at the Walton Park Hotel in Clevedon...and where ever you meet us there is always cake to try!

     The Honeybunch   Service

Besides a consultation to discuss options, designs, and budgets should you choose us to be your cake maker, we arrange full tastings nearer your date, liaise with your venue, deliver and set your cake up on site, loan stands if required, work with your  florist if necessary and from begining to end help take the worry and work off of your shoulders.....and all of this is included in the price of the cake!!

Cupcakes and Dessert Tables

Whether you want a great Cupcake Tower, stands and serving plates, or treats for that long photo shoot we make beautiful bespoke cupcakes in up to 40 different flavours. We can provide cake pops, brownies, stack donuts, iced biscuits, lemon drizzle....if it's a traditional cake alternative you just have to ask....we help arrange displays , provide stands, and make a stunning display for something a little bit different!


Gone are the days of either just Fruit Cake , or Vanilla, Lemon, and Chocolate!! Yes we make great Lemon, Vanilla and Chocolate cake and a fabtastic Fruit cake....but we offer a range of cakes and fillings which mean that you have a choice of more than 40 flavours...be it fresh baked Raspberry and White Chocolate, Blueberry and Lemon, Golden Vanilla and Chocolate Ganache or a super soft Red Velvet...or indeed Peanut Butter and Hazelnut!! Stick with your favourite or offer your guests different flavours in each tier.....it's all nommy! 

Price and Deposits

The cost of the cake and service includes the quality of the ingredients, the time, and complexity of design and of course the size of the cake! So to help as a starting point  3 Tier Buttercream and Naked cakes start at £300 and a decorated 3 tier cake starts at £350...However  if the cake is small, or very plain, or budget is an issue just let us know and we can often make suggestions.

Cupcakes start at £2.50, with decorated cupcakes at about £3.00.....so if when asking you have some idea of the size  or quantiites its always worth saying!

Don't forget just a £50 deposit saves the date and seals the price!!!